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Montessori Activities

We have 5 Montessori trained teachers in our Nursery, and work as a blended setting to use a number of Montessori and non-Montessori activities and techniques.

Recently the small classroom on the ground floor next to Piccadilly Class has been transformed into a Montessori classroom, with a number of Montessori activities set out around the room. All of the activities are at a height that the children can easily reach and take themselves to encourage them to make independent choices. 

Montessori materials fall in to a number of categories and the materials we are using mainly fall into the first two; Practical Life and Sensorial. Practical Life is aimed at helping children to learn practical skills used in everyday life, such as pouring, spooning, doing up fastenings on clothes, pegging clothes on lines.

Sensorial activities encourage children to develop their senses, including colour recognition, distinction between different shades of colours, 2D and 3D shapes (through touch) and discrimination of size and length (through sight).


Activities from both of these areas also encompass improving gross and fine motor skills, including improving the tripod grip in readiness for writing.